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Impression: O.OO Risograph & Design Studio

As part of the riso show research, I found that O.OO Risograph & Design Studio was part of the list of things to research for this brief. So I gave a look and what got my attention was that they were based in Taiwan. A company that would base their work around riso, being based on another… Continue reading Impression: O.OO Risograph & Design Studio

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Impression: Riso Testing

So we had a riso testing workshop. This workshop was mainly for us to test out how the work would look once it’s in the riso machine, so we get a better understanding of what the final outcome would probably look like. I didn’t do any testings for any of my development because I didn’t feel… Continue reading Impression: Riso Testing

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Impression: Artist Book Collection

Our first research task for this brief was to go research the artist book collection that was being held at London Met as a way to find inspiration for this brief. Throughout the collection, everyone needed to pick one to focus in depth. I had chosen to focus on the bunny: my personal possession by paul… Continue reading Impression: Artist Book Collection

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Impression: Riso Show Brief

When one brief comes to an end, a new brief comes to life and this brief happens to be related. This brief is called the riso show and it’s not a complete copy of the anthology brief but it is very similar for it’s a collaboration brief. This collaboration comes in the form of the whole studio working… Continue reading Impression: Riso Show Brief

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Impression: Stedelijk Museum Identity

As part of the research, we had to look at the identity of stedelijk museum.  This logo design was created Mevis & Van Deursen and was made at 2012. The identity of this museum is, in my opinion very simple however I don’t know much about the museum itself so this logo could be what the… Continue reading Impression: Stedelijk Museum Identity

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Thought of The Week: Paula Scher

I found out who Paula Scher was after creating work in my studio based on her husband, Cheswast Seymour. My thoughts on her is that I think her work is something I see myself doing. What I mean is that most of her work I’ve seen has type and type is very important to the… Continue reading Thought of The Week: Paula Scher

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Impression: Calverts Print

Today we got to visit on Calverts print at Bethnal Green, East London. Calverts is a communications design, print and production house in Bethnal Green, east London. The print company is specialise in branding, content, web, publications and sustainable print. Calverts service is 100% professional. Our approach and ethos are 100% co-operative. Did research into the company… Continue reading Impression: Calverts Print

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CIP: Thought of The Week – Central Illustration Agency

I think the illustration students will benefit from Central Illustration Agency because it’s an agency that represents illustrators and animators. As a graphic design student this company helps me by inspiring work because after looking at their site, I saw a lot of illustrator that work within the graphic design element, so this company does… Continue reading CIP: Thought of The Week – Central Illustration Agency

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Impression: Design Muesum

For research of this brief, I went to the Design Museum to see there current exhibition and get a better understanding of how they create their monograph for their visitors. The design Museum has moved to it’s new location. Getting there is a journey. This move has affected their exhibitions that are free to the… Continue reading Impression: Design Muesum