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Photography Workshop

Images are used for different things. It could be for a blogs where it could be seen as a identity or it could be used in catalogues and advertising where you could sell things. It can used in digital portfolio where you are promoting your work. Taking a Photography is important because it says a… Continue reading Photography Workshop

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Bookbinding Workshop

In this workshop, we were introduced to bookbinding and the importance of paper, which was led by Kieron. Bookbinding is a process of assembling a book. To get to the book, there are many ways of binding a book’s edge such as gluing the pages or sewing it together with thread through the folds. Kieron showed us… Continue reading Bookbinding Workshop

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Reflection on Creating Your Blogs

Since even the first day of induction we were told that our personal blog would be an important part of our first year as Graphic Design students. Not only do blogs allow us to create and share relevant content with an audience, it also allows us to develop our own interests and market ourselves as… Continue reading Reflection on Creating Your Blogs

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Kierons Workshop – Fanzine

In the afternoon, we went to a workshop run by Kieron. We were introduced on what Fanzine or zine was. Before he went into introducing what a zine was, He started the class with making us think about what would be left of us if we just disappear and all that’s left of us is the… Continue reading Kierons Workshop – Fanzine

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Adrian’s Talk – Close or Far?

We began our long awaiting journey as budding Illustration and Graphic Design students on an average Monday in the midst of the chilly September days. As a first year illustration student at London Metropolitan University mixed amongst many others just like myself (as well as graphic design students), we were given many talks on the concept… Continue reading Adrian’s Talk – Close or Far?

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Sara’s Talk: Introduction to Visual Research

Monday was the first day as a first year student on the graphic design student at London Met. To start the day off, we were in lecture hall CR1-00, where Sara Carnholm had led a presentation on Visual Research. In the talk, it was mentioned that design was a process and although is important, the aspect… Continue reading Sara’s Talk: Introduction to Visual Research