Impression: O.OO Risograph & Design Studio

As part of the riso show research, I found that O.OO Risograph & Design Studio was part of the list of things to research for this brief. So I gave a look and what got my attention was that they were based in Taiwan. A company that would base their work around riso, being based on another country would sound stupid for someone to feel kind of intriguing. I know now that riso printing would be used in many different parts of the world however what got me fascinated about this company was that I just thought that a company like this or even the Hato press was something you would find if three places, here, USA and Japan. Japan because the rise printing was a Japanese creation and the UK and the USA because I’ve looked around and found that they are a few riso studios around. So hearing about this company is very cool. When I was looking around their work, it is very similar to the hate press in terms of what they do and what they provide for people. I find this studio very exciting because I personally find that risograph is a process that fits me. What I mean is that when I first started using this process for the first brief I saw how the results came out as experimental and the process wasn’t overly complicated. It was another form of screen printing and I saw riso as a easy approach to screen printing. I like screen printing for the solid colours and sharp details however riso shows the layers of the designs and experimentation that makes the designs even better for the designer/creator and the viewer.

I have read an article by It’s Nice That, who has interviewed Pip Lu, the co founder of O.OO studio and the response was that Riso isn’t a popular printing technique in Tawen then any other country which I think leads me to my thought of why I didn’t think there would be any other riso studios available in other countries apart from the UK, USA and Japan. I would like to see more studios like this out there because I found the riso print technique as fun and enjoyable.


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