Impression: Dialogue Riso Outcome


On Friday, I’ve got the chance to only to riso print one of the design because I have noticed that enlarging the image up is very difficult to do. What’s difficult about the enlargement is that the largest file size on InDesign is an A3 however the design has to cover an A1 size paper which means I need to cut the design into four A3 pages. As you can see at the image I have taken, I have divided the design into four A3 with the mind set of reading the design left to right however after Angharad and I discussed, she has suggested that I should instead of reading the design from left to right but have the image enlarge even further and cut it in the the middle of the word, so that parts of the words are on each pages. I was planning on printing out all three designs that the studio have wanted however seeing how difficult I found it sorting this design out, I’ll have to just stick with the one, just because if I create three different ones just for the studio to choose which design came out better, it will take a life time for me to deal with problem I got from just a single one. Plus there is only so much time till actually printing it out, what I’ll do is I’ll present this outcome to the studio as it is and tell them that out of the three that they like, which should be the finalise one. I was considering the one that has the least noise in the background. This particular design as an original had a lot of noise in the background, so I had to cut out it in photoshop and this took some time to do plus doing this I had to brighten out the letter form so it is easier to read.

Initially I didn’t like how it came out because I thought that the remaining noise that was left in there either made it difficult to read or just confusing the viewer but the more I look at it, the more I think the noise should be there. Although the members of the impression studio are the ones that see and give crits on the outcome I took, I haven’t got any crits from the studio I’m making this for. The next day I’ll be in the studio, I’ll just check into the dialogue studio, if I find any of the studio members in there, and tell them my design idea and how them the processes I took and there three designs that were considered using into the publication. At least this way I know the design has a readability to them. Also I would like to see what their reaction to the designs are because although I got a feedback from the main design team making the publication but I don’t know what the feedback will be from the ‘client’/studio I was tasked to design for.


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