CIP: Kickstarter Research

For my research into this brief, I have looked at what Kickstarter is and find what campaigns that are on the website that relates to the group I am in.

Kickstarter is seen as the worlds largest crowd funding platform for creative projects such as film, music, art, games, design, comics and so on. It’s a community built around creativity and creative projects.

The group I am in is called Mash Up and the group is all about combining pop culture with humour that are sold in prints such as posters, post cards, tote bags and cards. The pop culture element of the idea takes form of music, so all the designs that we make will be based on music with a twist of humour. All our designs are printed on risograph and screen printing. I’ve looked around the website and I couldn’t find any projects that were relating or even remotely similar to the group’s idea. The closest to what we had were not on music but in films instead. Which I think is an opportunity for our idea to work. I’ve searched for products relating to our project and even techniques that we are using and it all leads to ended projects that based on film, pets and other patterned prints.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 17.24.15

I managed to find a music related tot bag but it is a photo instead of an original design.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 17.33.22.png


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