CIP: Kickstarter Feedback

We got back from the easter break and all the groups have to present what they have done in the groups so far. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting a mock up presentation on this day. I was the only one in my group that was present to show the group’s presentation. I wasn’t really sure what to say because the only thing the group managed to do was to create a Kickstarter page.

What I did present for the group were what we were planning to sell on the market ready brief on to the Kickstarter brief however because the budgeting will change based on us selling the products online. I even said that what my intended role was going to be in the group.

After presenting, I have gotten feedback from Ricardo and Emma from Accelerator. Their feedback when creating the video, we have to explain why people want to buy our products and what is the story behind them. we also have to make a mock up like the card and tote bag ready. Because I was the only person that attended, I have to meet with the people that didn’t come in at some point and discuss about our roles in the group and the rewards. Also we have to be in the video so we can explain why we made the products. The other two members couldn’t make it in, so I just sent this message forward on the group chat and we ended up discussing it through Facebook because it was the quickest way to get information. After the session we ended up taking the roles that we chosen to do and began working on the things we needed to do for this group. My role is to work out the funding value, the reward pricing and come up with the script, Finn’s role was to create the storyboard, filming and editing the video and Hannah G’s role was to re design the logo and create mock ups for the group.

Whilst in session and finished my presentation, I’ve got to listen to other groups presentation and what I learnt was how much they have changed their brand during the two weeks we were off.



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