CIP: Kickstart Brief

It’s the last brief everyone has received for CIP and it is the smallest brief. The brief is more of a continuation than starting a fresh which I guess it is a good thing because it required everyone to go back to our Market Ready groups. I honestly enjoyed market ready brief because I have worked with everyone in the group in the impression studio. The idea of this brief is more or less the same as market ready but the only differences were that instead of working towards creating a stall, the group is working towards creating a Kickstarter page with a video, rewards and a target budget.

Since starting the market ready and now starting with the Kickstarter brief, the group has gotten much smaller in size. The group has started with seven people and now has three in the group which includes me.

Like I have mentioned, The task for this new brief has the groups to create a Kickstarter page along with a new products, logo, funding and a video explaining why we have created a page. I am very excited on brief because it requires us to work as a team and based on my experience on Mash Up for market ready, it will be interesting what the turn would be.


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