Impression: Riso Testing

So we had a riso testing workshop. This workshop was mainly for us to test out how the work would look once it’s in the riso machine, so we get a better understanding of what the final outcome would probably look like. I didn’t do any testings for any of my development because I didn’t feel that any of my testings were at a stage where they could be taken into the riso machine. I think my next move for my developments is to come up with a more final look. I’ve already got my final three development chosen from the studio members to development further and actually come up with a final idea. The way I am seeing this is that I will try and make an outcome for each three so that I have more of an option to chose from or more of options I would just like the studio to vote which design would look better as a final piece. I rather would have the studio to vote because I personally find that having people choosing what they like or dislike about my work is a way to get a feedback so I know who changes I need to make or what to keep. I have attached three images of what has happened.


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