Impression: Group Crit

Today we got a group crit for the riso show brief. I showed the studio what I’ve done for the Dialouge signage and I’ve found that there are three that they really like. The feedback that I got was how it looked trippy and I should now focus on really finalise the design. I’m currently looking into finalizing the three designs that the studio members really like by scanning it and focusing on the the shape and movement of the text. This cric came after watching a video of designer Wim Crouwel, who created a typeface using the grid system. I say this because looking into the designers work I saw how the outcome of his typeface was very similar to the typeface I am using for developing my signage which is based on bitmaps. I thought it was ironic that we got to see this.

After the group talked about the work that they have been doing, we dicussed about colour and the work that need to be done for the level 4 and the animation course. The colour that the dialogue studio is assigned to is blue which I think is a perfect colour for dialogue because the colour really fits into the results that I made.



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