Impression: Riso Workshop

The studio had a workshop on the riso machine. The point of this task was to look at layerings with colour and patterns. Coming back to use the riso printer was great and everyone got to use three colours with different paper. Doing this task was a good reminder of what I did for my riso prints for the anthology brief, if not similar. Both prints I made for this workshop and the anthology required three colours and it just showed them how hard I found it when it came to creating the masters. What made it hard was actually understanding what layering would look like when it was done on the riso printers. At this point, I was very much surprised how easy of a concept it was dividing the layers on photoshop and actually making it come to life. I had only chosen these layer because we were given a freedom to chose what to print and I thought the shading and geometric shape was a fun experimental test I would like to try out. They are all different layers but they are also very different images altogether.



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