Impression: Riso Signage

For this brief, I was assigned to help created the signage for the Dialogue studio along with Katherine. During the easter break, I was busy coming up with different styles of typography that really presented the studio. This brief required us to make our own typography. Before I left for the easter break, I actually used ink to experiment what kind of effect I would get when I’m making type. The images below are the results that I got from testing and making.

The concept of the signage I had was the thought of what the dialogue studio was about. From my understanding, dialogue studios are technology and screen-based studio and this was the idea I kept on thinking about. The film Tron was a starting point for me to look at based on the type used on the poster. I looked at both versions of Tron because the film explores the idea of having a person inside of a screen, so from tron, I started picturing the studios type as geometric style. 


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