Impression: Dialogue signage experimentations

For today’s session we were given the tasks before hand and we told to continue with the set tasks until it gets reviewed at 12:15 and again at 3:15. I continued to experiment with the signage for dialogue.

I have showed my experiments to Angharad and the studio, my feedback was to focus on how type is translated on screen and how I can this type on print. One example given was to have a type on a screen and photograph it to see what can of effect I could get. So my next idea is create a typeface that resembles a bitmap and try mixing this typeface with the fuzziness of the screen. The fuzziness you get from TV screen when you trying to find a channel instead of trying to make the dialogue signage to look futuristic which was the initial idea.

I’ve create three different looks of the signage and shown it to angharad and discussed where the signage could go. Out of the discussion, I got two pathways I could go with. One was to take a picture of the design while on the screen. While the signage is up on screen I would take pictures from different angle and play with different focus on my camera. The second option was to try play with the design by distorting it. I ended up going with the second option because this gave me an idea to play around with the concept of distortion by using the copying machine.

I used the copy and scan function of the printer to distort the type. The way I did this was whilst the machine is trying to copy the design, I’m pulling the design across the glass which gave me distorted looked. I tried two of the design and moved it around the glass more then enough to give me different results I could use. These were all the results I got from using the copy machine.

I’ve shown it to angharad and we looked it over to find which had the readability and we managed to find a few I could work with. Right now, I’m planning to scan the few into a computer and add more changes to it digitally with the effects that I got.



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