Impression: Stedelijk Museum Identity

As part of the research, we had to look at the identity of stedelijk museum.  This logo design was created Mevis & Van Deursen and was made at 2012. The identity of this museum is, in my opinion very simple however I don’t know much about the museum itself so this logo could be what the museum represents. I have done some research to get an understanding on why this logo was created in this way and I have found that the designers wanted to make a visual identity that was original, fresh and open whilst it showed the modernist designs that the museum stands for.

I personally think that this design is very intricate and the designers value proportion because the use of the grid in the design. I don’t particular like how the letters are placed in the letter “S” because it feels really rigid and the letter placement seems forced. If I had to recreate this visual identity then I’ll design the letters to be more fluid, so that it becomes the “S”. However the design is very much influenced by the dutch design. I’m not much of a fan of the dutch design.


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