Impression: Riso Show Brief

When one brief comes to an end, a new brief comes to life and this brief happens to be related. This brief is called the riso show and it’s not a complete copy of the anthology brief but it is very similar for it’s a collaboration brief. This collaboration comes in the form of the whole studio working as a team to bring a publication come to life for the summer show.

This summer publication is to represent the whole of vis com and alongside this, we are also creating a stall or shop where we are selling products. This brief sounds like a lot of work and a lot complication await other than that, I am interested in the results for this brief.

This publication will be printed on A3 pages which will be folded down into A4 with an unbound format. Each of the studios including level 4’s will have four A3 pages of their own account of what they have done in the year. Each studio will have their own signages and wall visuals. For what we are going to sell in our shop will be products that be within the budget. Our thoughts on products were badges considering they aren’t expensive to make. Another idea was to print postcards.

Our first exercise for this brief was to create an editorial and printing flat plans as a team. At the end of it, it has helped for all of us because it has made visualising this publication make more easily.


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