In this session at CIP, the students had the chance to look at photography and still life. All the images that come out of this lesson will go into the collection project.

Just before we came into the lesson, we had to bring in objects that related to us and could represent both us and our work in a still life. I have chosen to focus on my work created in the impression studio. I have chosen to focus on that because I feel that all the work I made and produced shows the way I think and also I like to think that it is only way to showcase who I am through the design that I make, in this case, it is the work I made in the impression studio.

When it comes to photography I would say I got no clue what I’m doing and know all of these technical terms used in this field. Although I love to take photographs however these images are taken on a phone and these images aren’t professional but personal it is. When I’m taking pictures I like to make sure that I am focusing on the object and not really worrying about the artistic side of photography because I feel that if I got the object in focus and you can see the object then the rest doesn’t matter at all. I don’t use a proper camera e.g DSLR but I use my phone to take my photos because I see that using my phone to take the picture, it can be as good as taking photographs in a DSLR but it can depend if I’m working with lighting.




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