CIP: Briefly


For this collection brief, it is said that we have to watch a video on Vimeo called Briefly as part of research. Briefly is 27 minutes long film that designers talk about the brief. What I took out watching the film is, working in the design industry, the brief for a project can come in many forms. A brief can be a heavy document, can be restrictive, can be less and the brief could also be the wrong project for the person that is responding. Once you’re working on the brief with the client, expect the brief to change by having the conversion with the client, so have a lot of room for it to change, this allows you to take a low of creative pathways and be creative towards it. A brief is a tool that is given to the designer by a client that you work with the client that sets out the end goal. The brief is seen as a passion project for the brand given to the designer because it can allow communicating a direction that fits within the aim of the designer. It was also seen as a creative problem-solving task only the designer would know and by this, it should inspire them to solve it.

I think the most important thing I’ll take for working on a live brief is building and having a relationship with the client so that working on the brief, you have a better understanding on the brief and you can achieve the goal that the clients want with the creative lead that the designers put in. The relationship with the client is the most important and can be fun depending on the projects you take.


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