Impression: Publishing Unbound Show

At the impression studio, we have set up our first show of the year for everyone. I am very surprised at how fast time has flown by when you’re busy with work from other modules and it was already week 11.

At our studio, we had set up a reading corner with books that were picked out by the studio members and placards were created by half of the studio. Pages from sketchbooks were on the display along with our final poster zine outcome. Even our blogs were on both of the mac screens. I was very impressed with all the work produced from every one of our studio members. I thought the outcome looks impressive. What I was mainly impressed with was how the studio was transformed from being somewhat empty studio to a vibrant and pack studio. With all the work up on the wall, on the tables, hanging above our heads, it really gave the sense of ownership of the room. I really thought the zines hanging above our heads were an interesting choice which was clearly a good idea because everyone from the other three studios came in, stopped, stare and read what was on the paper. You really got a sense of a real exhibition from the works up and the buzzing of people walking in and out of the studio.

Everyone’s poster zines looked fantastic and getting to finally read everyone’s article was exciting. Although I knew which publication people were writing about, actually reading it shows how hard they worked on it. it was lovely seeing students from the other studios so excited by the work we had produced.

Getting the chance to visit the other studios was great. After seeing the other studios and their work, it’s fascinating to see what work they have done. Just by looking at the work up in the display, I got an understanding of what they do as a studio. I think the studio that blew me away was the author, reporter studio because how much work they managed to produce in a small amount of time.

I think the outcome of my poster zine came out really nicely. I’ve used the riso printer for this project and being it the first time for me, I’m very happy how it looked. It was the first time that I collaborated with a student on a project and I would definitely do it again.






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