Impression: Visual Response Production

As the winning group/s have been chosen, I have now time to really focus on my visual response. My written assignment is called ‘Myth in the Poetry of Ted Hughes’ written by Anser Shah. Once I got my assignment, I read through it many times to really understand what the paper was really about. I read about the paper four times and by the second, third and fourth time, I highlighted words and sentences as I was reading that got my interests. This was the first time I’ve heard of Ted Hughes and from what I understood from the written assignment, it seems that this poet creates work that deals with the human psychology as a subject matter. Ted Hughes talks about this subject matter by comparing it to animal savagery which I took it as the most facisnating to aspect to include in my visual response. From reading, I’ve notice how much the assignment packed a lot of visual imagery, so from highlighting, it did help me to think where in my research and processes I took start and take. I will say that from reading this, collage kept poping up in my head as a process because based on what I read it seems that Ted Hughes work has a lot layers to it.

The first part of my research was to actually look into the work of Ted Hughes and have an understanding of how he writes and not just rely on the written piece. Although I am creating a visual response on the written assignment but the assignment that I got is a written response a poet and the themes that poet uses, so looking into the poems will help to gather further visual ideas that can help with creating my visual narrative.  As I was researching, I didn’t know that the Disney film, The Iron Giants, was based upon Ted Hughes novel, The Iron Man. I’ve already watch the film a few times and I liked how the company’s illustration style and how they have interpreted the story. 

ted hughes iron

After finding Iron Giant, I looked into different drawing interpretation to inspire me for the response so I looked at different covers for Ted Hughes work. I found a lot of the covers that were based on birds, nature and industrial scene. I’m definitely going to use animals in my response because a lot of Ted Hughes use animals to explain human nature, so I thought I’ll make sense to use this to represent this.


I looked into the author and I found that he’s backstory and his relationship with his wife was interesting because the assignment I’ve got talks about the myths, animal savagery of human nature and I thought these themes examples his life and I thought it was interesting.

I looked into different myths from different culture that will fit in my response. As the written piece talks about myths, I searched for which mythical creature fits well to Ted Hughes work and I found that incorporating england folklore is best in the visual piece because as the text and the poet is English, it made sense to make it English.

Brainstormed what I would do, I liked from the research and what process I would use for the visual response and I thought about collage as a way to combine ideas and based on the research I thought it’s a interesting way to create a visual image.


Mapping out what kind of visual design I’ll take to make the visual piece. As I want to combine myth, animals and human nature together as they are important to the text, I thought about making the visual piece to show that Ted Hughes is turning into a animal. The more I thought about it, the more I’m thought of turning my visual response  into a series because the amount of information I got from the assignment, I wanted to able to show that on my response.


When producing my final outcome, I’ll be using the riso printer to print out all of my visual response because my exprience with the riso machine with the Publishing Unbound went so well that using it with this project made sense to me. Plus the results that the riso machine produces works well for my response because as I am working with layers, the riso machine allows that the users to achive it and the great thing about riso is that you are able to see that layers when using different colours and I want that effect to my pieces.


The first workshop for the visual response was the letter press. This is my opportunity to test out the types that were avaliable and think about if type will work in my piece. The words I played around with was ‘Myth, Death & Animal Savagery’ because not only did was strongs from the assigment but those words fit well to decribe both the work of Ted Hughes but Ted Hughes himself. I say this because after researching into his life. As I was creating my test using two colours, I found that the colours and the way the ink had a faded effect work really well with the works I was using. For some reason it reminded me it belonged to a book cover which was accidental.

 The plan for creating the collage was to print out all the images and play around however after having a meeting with angharad, I opted to crewate it in Photoshop only because it cost less, all the images will be in one place, I wouldn’t lose it and I can see what order the layers are in.


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