Hothouse Talk: OOMK Zine

In todays hothouse talk, People behind the zine OOMK Zine have come to the cass to talk about who they are and what they do. I am very excited to meet them because as I am in the Impression studio, my first brief was to create a poster zine, after creating my own, it has lead me into thinking on creating and publishing zines in the future. Once I’ve heard OOMK Zine were coming, I was eager to learn their publishing story.

From my understanding of them, OOMK zine is a small publication that focuses on feminism. OOMK is short for One Of My Kind, they are a highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication that prints biannually. According to their website, they have descirbed their zines as ‘pivots upon the imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women. Each issue centers around different creative theme, with more general content exploring topics of faith, activism and identity.’ 

As well as producing zines, they have hosted online and creative events on regular occation. They also welcome contributions from women of diverse ethnic and spiritual backgrounds and are especially keen to be inclusive of Muslim women.

They also run a studio called Studio OOMK and is runned by the editors of the OOMK Zine. They have worked with a number of clients in particular galleries and museums, to host workshops, produce publications and undertake various projects. Their past clients have included Museum of London, Tate Modern and Migration Museum. Their editors are Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Heiba Lamara.



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