We started cip with our thought of the week. Thought of the week is on designer Alan Fletcher. We discussed about page layout and making of the book, so we were told to watch a video about Alan Fletcher and get an understanding of how he approaches creating a book.

We were also told to get a book that we liked into the session. This was a way of looking at what book layouts that we liked and being to give a reasoning on why we liked it. We were also told to find layouts that were was seen as good and bad.


We were tasked to do a bookbinding workshop with michelle. I personally found the workshop easy in the sense I knew what bookbinding is about and I’ve spent time in the studio and the christmas break to do some bookbinding techniques. The hand out for this workshop had a few examples of bookbinding techniques. It’s a way to help kickstart our ideas on what kind of binding we would like to make our portfolio.

I have thought of what kind of binding I would use. I thought of glue binding my portfolio myself using papers from G.F Smith collection. I’ve spent making A5 book using 75 gsm and 120 gsm paper to get an idea how thick paper is good to use. I’ve looked at the G.F Smith catalogue to get a sense what kind of paper I liked to use for the cover and pages. I found that Gmund Action Electric Blood with a gsm of 430 as a cover would be something I would want as a cover because the look and feel of it has me drawn to it. For the pages I would use either Plike white with a gsm 140 or Heaven 42 with a soft matt that has 170 gsm. I’m most likely going to use Heaven 42 with a soft matt because the feel of the paper is something I like.

What I’m trying to do with my portfolio is that I don’t just want the content to be the most important. I want someone to pick up the book and actually experience the book visually and touch.

gmund action electric blood


plike white
heaven 42 soft matt




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