Impression: Kate Gibb

At the Impression studio, we are going to be having a workshop all about screen printing for two weeks however we were told to look into a few designers before hand, so it could help us for this brief in terms of inspiration. The designer to look at was Kate Gibb. Kate Gibb works in the world of screen printing.

Kate Gibb has worked as a print maker and illustrator for over fifteen years. Kate is someone who has an obsession over silkscreen printing and has a makeshift print studio in Puddington. It started in her early studies in print textiles that really fueled her inherent love of colour and pattern which has continued to provide the basis for the majority of her work. The kind of printing that she is inspired by the relies on chance, hiccups and happy accidents. She has worked commercially in the industry for her music related sleeve artwork. She has continued to work but this time in the non commercially side where she experiment the tactile nature and subtle nuances providing the many graphic characteristics typical of her one off pieces and hand screened editions. Her clients included: Apple, M&C Saatchi, Pentagram, Wired us, Levis and many more.

Looking at Kate Gibb’s work and her processes, it had me thinking about how screen printing can be used differently and it did help me get ideas of how I could make my visual pieces because I’ve fully realize how much detail you can get from just screen printing. What I mean is that I knew that screen printing can different from just digital printing just based on the ink which effects the details but I didn’t really payed attention to the fact that how much detail can be applied to the process. I’ve only used screen printing twice before only using two different designs but one of them being mine that I made. The times that I did do it it felt really bulky, heavy and knowing how long that ink had to dry at that moment made me not want to use it.


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