CIP: Patterns, layouts & Indesign

During last cip session, we showed each other our thoughts of the week but there weren’t many people in the class that it didn’t take to long for us to move on to the main task for the session.

The main task of the day was a continuity of the layouts that we have already started from the first session. I felt that the tasks that we were doing in CIP were a repeat of what I’ve already done and learnt with Alistair in the Impression studio. This being true, I can easily think about what kinds of layouts I could do for collection book and which direction I can take this.

After the lesson has ended, I started thinking about paper, binding methods and started working on the text of the book then focusing on the layouts only because I’ve already got an understanding about layout I can move on and start thinking about the structure of this book. As I have started writing the text, I feel that it did help me in a way that I’ve got actual body of text I can play around with in InDesign.


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