Impression: Letterpress Printing

We at impression studio have got into our teams and were divided based on tasks of the day. Team 1 and 2 were doing crits with Alister whilst team 3 and 4 were doing the letterpress printing workshop. Being in team 3, got the chance to do the letterpress workshop.

The workshop is about making us think differently about the design process. With Kim Vousden instruction and guidance , we are working with wood type to practice analogue typesetting methods. This whole experiences is to let us look at grids and different typographic relationships. The great thing about letterpress is that when we are using the equipments, it lets you see grids and see how typography comes together naturally. You can’t see this kind of first hand experience on a digital construction, so it compels us to keep our ideas distilled to their simplest form.

The task for this workshop was to pick out a typeface that we liked and start thinking about composing the grids. This is what we spent the morning doing. I’ve picked out gills sans because I thought not only did I personally love the typeface but I thought it looks good on print. I personally found this workshop the most useful because I have had workshop on letterpress but it was a year ago and I’ve been in and go of the workshop but I felt this actually helped just on reminding me on what I forgot and actually operating the printing press was enjoyable.

The afternoon we got to digitise the letter prints and manipulate the typeface on screen. This was to understanding how typeface works on screen and it was a way to build type from a faded type that ink hasn’t fully shown through. I had me thinking about what I can do with type and it was refreshing to physical make the words come to life then sitting in front of a screen.


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