CIP: Collection Brief

This project is a curation of our current work. We will be tasked with creating a professional ‘Artist/Portfolio Book’ that will showcase our Studio and Industry Practice projects.

Identification, authorship and self-branding are key facets within the creative industries. So we will need to research, investigate and comment on how creative individuals and companies are using ‘the printed and digital page’ to their advantage. This should consider the book size, paper and container/case, layout, text, colours, patterns, branding, image and space should all be considered as well as the pacing of our narrative.

I’m very interested in this project because it is very similar to the projects that the Impression studio is focusing on, so getting this brief is great. I notice that the current brief that is set for the Impression studio is similar in the sense that I have to produce a book as a final outcome. Some of the tasks that we’ve done already for this brief, I’ve learnt from Impression, so I know that working towards this brief I’m may not any problems because I can apply the skills I’m learning from Impression and apply it to this brief.


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