Impression: Binding

I’ve spent the Christmas break experimenting with binding. After going to the design museum and looking at their monograph, I’ve started looking at different bindings I could work with.

I examined the monograph from the design museum in detailed and what I got out it was it was an A5 french folded booklet that was glued at the spine. The paper weight was 100 – 120 gsm.


I really liked the idea of having to turn my monograph into a glue binded booklet so I decided to stick with this but not with a french fold because I wanted to similar to the design museum booklet.


This was another binding method I experienced with. This method is far more simple and easy method of binding then the glue bind. It’s when the many of the pages on the inside and the back are are cut in the top and bottom and one paper that makes the front cover and one of the inside page is cut in the middle. The main pages are put through in the middle slot and folded to make the book.Even though I thought this is method is great but I decided to stick with the glue binding for the monograph because for me it was made sense to have it made this way.



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