Impression: Anthology Brief

Anthology: A published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.

We have just been given our new studio brief for new term. The Impression studio will be working alongside the English Literature and Creative Department to redesign it’s bi-annual Literary anthology of student writing.

The aim is to work individually to analyse and respond to assigned text. Research it’s language, content and context then develop and produce five visual responses. There will be four groups that will analyse the format of the literary anthology, assess it’s function and form, understand the requirements of this particular collection of writing and come up with your own proposal for the design of a design of a modern literary anthology. Formulate a publishing model that takes into account design and layout, materials production and printing method, promotion and distribution.

The main objective of the brief is to give the opportunity to work with real clients and being able to research extensively and use the research to experiment with designed format. The brief will also be encouraging to explore the relationship between the verbal and the visual by adding a voice to the written text by creating a original graphic or illustrative work in response.

“1. Each Impression student will be assigned a text that has been chosen for inclusion in the next biannual anthology that is published by The Cass. Impression students will each analyse and research a single text and then create a visual response in their chosen medium. Using the written text as a starting point, you will interview the author, research the context, background and language, then use this research to develop a visual interpretation of the text in a medium of your choice.These will be exhibited for the Anthology launch event.

2. Impression students will work in four teams, competing to propose a new design for the Anthology publication. The winning pitch will go on to be produced and published by the studio. All Impression students will be assigned a role in the design, production, launch and promotion of the anthology and launch event/exhibition.”

I am very happy with the brief because I’m experiencing working with real life clients for the first time and being able to work in a team to produce a product then working alone in a project like the last project. I’ve gotten my assigned text and it’s called “Myth in the Poetry of Ted Hughes” by Anser Shah. We were also been put into groups, I’m in a group with John, Shal lini and Katherine.


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