Impression: Design Muesum

For research of this brief, I went to the Design Museum to see there current exhibition and get a better understanding of how they create their monograph for their visitors.

The design Museum has moved to it’s new location. Getting there is a journey. This move has affected their exhibitions that are free to the public, so these were the ones I went to see. The exhibitions I looked at were designers in residence and designer maker user.

Designers in Residence is an exhibition that happens annually that focuses four designers they invite to showcase their work in response to a theme. This exhibition is to help designers at an early stage of their careers and show the visitors how new design is shaping the future.The theme was openness. When you walk into the space, it’s like walking into a design studio.

The booklet I picked up for this exhibition looked the same as their signs that were on display. The information were the same that visitors can see up in the space. The booklet also contained information that of the designers that took part in the project and showcased their work that weren’t in the display.  The binding of the book had the pages glues together however each page had an opening in the centre that had one coloured design in it.

The second exhibition was called Designer Maker User. The exhibition is about design throughout the years that has happen.


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