Creative Industry Practice: Manipulate Meaning: Kuleshov Effect

In video editing workshop that we had done, we go to experience a technique called Kuleshov effect. This effect is used in film to express meaning in a project through two images. This technique was created Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov (1899-1970) who people thought to believe him as the first film theorist due to his work dating to the 1910s. I am briefly aware of this technique before the workshop however I have forgotten the name of the technique. I came across this technique in college where we had to make a video of ourselves reacting to an object. We were told to take a picture of ourselves. One image has no expression and the second image of us with an expression. We had to have a third image in between the images of our faces to give a context. Once I experienced what we were doing in the class, I actually remembered doing a similar workshop before.


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