Impression: Timba Smits

Timba Smits is designer, artist, illustrator and creative director of Little White Lies magazine. He has been designing since the mid 2000s and he has co-founded and self-published an once a year indie mag called “MEGAzine”. Before working in London, He has worked in Melbourne as an art director a gallery called “Gorker Gallery” which he co-fonded.


He’s illustration is unique because looking at his work, I could only describe it as retro pop art. As I was looking through he’s work, It does looks like he is very interested in 1940s and 1950s ads. I don’t know if this is the case but it does look like it. It’s like if you had to re-create ads from 40s and 50s for a contemporary audience then he’s work does that.

096g31xyb9i6q5.jpgAd from the 1940s

I’ve thought about having his face for my poster but try to base the design similar to his own. The work I’ve decided to based it on were a gif he has created and a cover he made for wired magazine. I’ve wanted to base it on those two because I liked the elements of these designs and it gave me ideas of what my poster design would look like.


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