Making A Living: FIND IT, MAKE IT, KEEP IT: Real Work Today

Making a Living is a two week festival at the cass, which is aimed to see over 200 students attend lectures, workshops, panel dicussions and other activities to prepare them for employment in the creative industries.

For a two days event creative industry practicnors from design will be coming in to discussed to students about hownwork life is like in the industry.

For Monday session we have three creative from print coming in today. There are Will hudson from Its Nice That, Handsome Frank and Alec Dudson from Intern magazine. This is for sure a packed day for a Monday.

The morning session, we had Will Hudson, the co fonder It’s Nice That come in and talk to the students about what he is about. Its Nice That has 450k unique readers.

Handsome Frank illustration agency. Even though they are called illustration butbthey have a lot of people from different area of design working in the company. Its 4 people led company. The person who came in has no back ground in the creative indenstry, he study linguistics but had worked in publishing. Aftering working in publication he had an idea to crewate an agencies so he went to his cousin 

What does an illustration agent do? Illustrater don’t have the time for the business side of the industry so this is where the illustration agents come in and sort that side out. What they sort out is the banking and all that dull stuff. The way they get funding is by promoting the artist. Publish a magazine called Frank and the are releasing the fourth issue. They do exhibition. They create bookbinding and they go around the country and the world just to get designer working together and get them away from a screen. They do workshops and films. They create films because it makes what they do come to life.

The work that their representative made. Jean Julien, Transport of London,

 Malika Favre, aldo.

And many more.

Where do they find their artist? They look for artist everywhere. on social networking sites like Twitter s and look at their blogs.

How much argents charge? They charge 20% per project that they find. Artists that find projects 

What makes it easy to be an agent is that they find an artist that have consistent in style. It’s fine to have a sub techniques but have more have one or two examples. The portfolio needs to have a variety so that clients can see what you have to offer. It’s great to have people, building, animals 

How people commission work is they are people that will ask for stuff  to see just to be able to trust you with their brief.

If you don’t have an agents then self promotion comes in play. You need to be able to stand out of crowd. Also be realistic with your work because your work isn’t suitable for a lot of things. Think about what your brand will say about you. 

When putting out work, you’ll always get feedback. Even though feedback is like the death of you but it’s great because you’ll always have thing to help you change, grow and develop. When receive feedback always get from people from studio and people you know Will give you a constructive criticism and not your family because family will always say things to make you happy.

When submitting work, think about who you will be interested and who will be alienated from it.

Never take in work that you can’t finish. Think about how much the fees in a day you want to get paid. Find out how long the work is going to last because you could reuse that image for a different work and which country is going to be used. For an illustration, the pricing needs to be in talks. Work for free is a problem because even though it leads other opportunities but you need money to live.

Do you need an agent, no. There other artist that who don’t have an agents but have a great career. The point of having an agent is for people who are very busy from getting different work and they need an agent to help out with the work load.

The last guest of the day is intern magazine.the founder of intern has come in to discuss about the magazine.

Intern is based on a simple idea, they believe in young people’s future. By empowering a variety of content of young people. The fonder had a MA in sociology. He didn’t know what he wanted to do until one day he’s friend got a magazine called boat and it was something he didn’t see before. He was uninterested with other magazine s that were there until boat magazine changed the way what he thought about a magazine was. This is when he toyed the idea of make a magazine. 

The name of the magazine came abouts from a word that he heard being thrown around in uni so he decide to go with it. The first publication company that responded to his internship was Milan. Domus magazine was the first internship he got and whilst there he learnt a lot about what made a magazine. He came back to London and started working in Boat magazine. He worked as a photojournalist and he’s fist post was in Athens.

After working for Boat, he decided to come up with his own magazine but coming up with what made his magazine different was something he didn’t come up with until he noticed he had a lot of young people in a cycle of internships when they came up with what his magazine is truly about.

He created a kickstarter account to bring the magazine to life but the end of it he noticed that the money that was made wasn’t enough. 

Not everyone was excited like he was. One critic said it was a worst idea of the year. He isn’t a big fan of unpaid internship.

To date they publish 130 emerging writers and all of them are paid. They work with brands and institutions who believe in our mission. They are planning to extend by working with sponsors with web content, starting with a podcast and a shop.

All of their output is by or features the young people they represent. As such their narrative is shaped by their community. In issue three, they looked at education.

In issue four, the current issue, they have consider a range of creative career paths.

What I got out from today was how important confidence for oneself and the consistency of style is important. 


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