Making A living: Crowd Funding For Creatives, Working For Yourself, Finance & Legal

Crowfunding is practice to raise funds for a project or venture by large group of supporters donating money. Its an alternative way of finance.

For crewatives its a new way to laun a product publish a book.

Kickstarter is a funding platform that helps creators rasie money £300 £20k average 5k

Campaign last about 30 days rewards are given in exchange of a donation

Supports projects that have a cause behind them 

It helps designer launch products help build your brand and gather loyal customers of

Invest in crowdfunding it not just the money but the people are genuine about caring about the 

Chris walker illustrator came in to discuss about his experience with kickstarter. He has quit his job to publish two books through kickstarter. Sqiurm and learn. Matt longstaff

How kickstarter funded their children book of murder. Kickstarter is exclusive a community personal and fun.kickstarter is not a charity free money a get rich quick scheme easy

Why kickstarter? No publisher would touch us we had faith in the project.

56% of kickstarter fail. Love your project otherwise what’s the point nin it.

Set your target don’t be greedy keep your goalnsimple strecte your way to the top really do your sums. Projects that reach 20% funding, 80% will get fully funding.

How accelerated andnoyhers can help you work as a freelancer.

Emma just explained who she was and what she does. She talks about what accelerator does and hownit helps students to be a freelancer and also start their own business.

Simon boot came in to discuss the legal and finance side of starting a business. He was a lawyer before working with Emma in Accelerator.

What I learnt from today making a living is how goes into being a freelancer and the ways of coming up with funding. 


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