Creative Industry Practice: Pastiche 1560

We have two brief for Creative Industry Practice, one of them is Pastiche 1560. The outcome of this project brief is to produce a 15-60 second video clip that demonstrate my critical thinking about someone of major personal creative importance or influence. This creative can be iconic individual or is currently working as a creative practitioner. The aim is to use the video format we want to develop a understanding about social media content delivery that highlights a professional skill level of negotiation, project management, recording, communication and presentation.

Deliverables-final video

Your final video should be uploaded to an Instagram account and vimeo. This can be your personal account or a new account using your university email.

Your video should show a considered use and/or understanding of the following

  • adobe premier or a similar editing package
  • type, image and sound – must include all three
  • narrative – you must have a supporting storyboard
  • context – 150 label explaining your idea


  • Project research, development, and outcome clearly labelled and evidence                              


  • A minimum of 8 reflective Blog Posts for this project
  • Category Title: Creative Industry Practice
  • Tags: Pastiche1560, Research, Development, Outcome

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