Creative Industry Practice: Nic Hill

Nic Hill has came into the studio and introduce him and what he does. He is know for motion graphics work and graduated 5 years ago. The most notable work he has done was made motion graphic design for two Marvel films,Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man 3. As I was researching about him, I came across his website. Here’s a description about from his website.

Art director, 3D artist, illustrator & motion designer Nik Hill, has worked at Territory for almost four years as part of the creative team behind a number of film UI projects, most notably Avengers: Age of Ultron – where he was responsible for a number of design and animation lead tasks. 

Nik’s skill set lends itself towards art direction, 3D design and animation for screen graphics, motion pieces and title sequences. Videogame projects include Transformers Universe and Killzone Mercenary, on top of CGI projects for Virgin Atlantic, D&AD and OFFF. Nik has recently, however, moved into the world of jewellery design and launched his own company – Twenty Third C.

As an artist Nik has hosted a number of solo shows at galleries including Red Bull Studios, London and Weapon of Choice gallery, Bristol. Having a strong illustration and fine art background, he has developed a keen eye for composition, colour combinations and design styling.



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