Impression: Visual Metaphor

We had to look into what visual metaphor was as a studio. We were told to bring a book into the studio. The books were displayed and everyone had to discuss how visual metaphor worked in the book cover we had chosen. I didn’t present my cover however I’ll discuss what cover I have chosen on here.

Captured by Billy Klofta

The book I chose is called Beastly by Alex Finn. The cover is very simple with the black background with a rose bloomed out of the letter Y. The story of the book is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast and the cover is meant to represent the character of beast. The story is very iconic because the first thing you think of is the Disney telling of Beauty and the Beast. In the film, there is a scene where the the audiences are told the timeline of the beast becoming human in a form of a red rose, this is the same concept for the cover.


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