Impression: Typographic Poster

For this lesson we had a workshop for the poster element of the posterzine. We had to create a poster on A3 based on one letter of our choice. In the start of lesson, Angharad talked about the letterform on posters and has mentioned really examples for typographic posters to look into.

The task was to create sketches of a letter of our choosing and bring them to life by using different materials. The material mainly used to make my poster cardboard, paint and cartridges paper.

Here are some of the designs I came up with. The letter I chosen was the letter ‘X’ because I thought ‘X’ was a complicated letter to redesign so I thought I might as well find ways to tackle it. It was actually hard to come up with some ideas for this because ‘X’ is pretty much two lines interlocking in the center and I haven’t seen many typographic design for this letter before, so coming up with ideas was really slow on my part. After I came up with a lot of possible designs I thought was enough, I began creating the actually thing. The design I went for was the ‘X’ on the top right on the second page. I chose that because it looked simple.

The look I was going for my poster was 3D ripple on the page. However using cardboard isn’t a great material for me because it took some to cut neatly and assumable the pieces together. The images below are the posters created by everyone in the studio. We just talked about posters and the idea behind making these letter form.


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