Creative Industry Practice: Storyboard

For our lesson, we were to asked to create a storyboard for our pastiche1560 video in photshop, printed A3 and ready to be shared in our group. I didn’t do this because I felt that the brief wasn’t explained in detail and it just didn’t make sense of what we were actully meant to do. After Ricardo exapled it in detailed for everyone, it was much easy for now to actully do something for this brief.

My video is based on Kate Moross who is an illusrator, because I really liked how colourful her works are always hand drawn.

We were put in our groups and got to listening to other people’s ideas. In the group it was just me, fin and hannah g. Hannah G’s idea for her video was to promote David Shrigley and showing her favourite piece of work and Fin’s idea was to create a video on Adam Green. Adam Greene is a song writer and artist whose work is very D.I.Y and strong.


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