Impression: Riso Printer

We had an hour workshop on the Risco printer just as a reminder for some of us and a first time for others. For me it’s a first time because I wasn’t present when the riso workshop was happening last year.

I’ve taken a few notes about the risk that I picked up. These notes are below:

  • Create a new master. But once lid is lifted your master is gone.
  • There 4 colours. Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.
  • Paper stock can go up to 160 msg.
  • When changing ink. Only touch the green yellow black red .
  • Press ink saver to have the
  • When printing you something you need to have a uncoated paper
  • 20 sheets for one master cost £1.80 and additional 20 sheets are £1.20

These were some of the results of using the riso printer. I thought using the riso printer would be complicated because I pictured it using the function will be so much different to a different printer but after seeing it if action, using it and feeding the information into the machine isn’t that hard.

Now that I saw the printer in motion, I am definitely using this method of printing for the typography poster zine because it’s cheap to print then using the regular printer to print the poster zine and the colour is much more vivid than normal ink printer.


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