Impression: Typography & Layout Design

It’s the 5th week back into the posterzine project and we had alister leading a workshop called Typography & Layout Design. We had a brief introduction to typography. Some of the info given was reminder to what was told to us in the first year and certain info was new such as a websites that are good typeface resource and a brief history lesson on about english alphabet.

The main task for the day was to recreate an existing spread from a magazine into InDesign. We had to pick four to create and mine were complicated because it didn’t seem to follow a layout that was were similar to each other throughout the magazine. The magazine I chosen was Vogue.

These tracing paper were results taken from the actual magazine. We had to leave sizes on the tracing paper so when we open the indesign programme, we’ll need to add them however I didn’t do that because forgot to do so I had to quickly workout the sizes.

This example was made in InDesign. What I got out of this workshop was how I could play around with layout in InDesign and I have some ideas of what my article layout would look like in my fanzine, so I think this workshop did help. I also leant some things from this workshop that I didn’t know from before.



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