Creative Industry Practice: Pastiche1560- Wayfinding Exercise

For CIP, we were slip into groups and set a task to creat a short ‘Wayfinding’ video. some of the groups had were set a location and record their jouney and the remaining groups had a workshop of Adobe Premier and had make to show to show the other group how to edit the video.

I was in a group of people that had to learn the editing software. The images below were step by step of what I learnt from the workshop. We had to make a frame by frame animation of pre-exsiting images and sound. The images below are orders in the way I learnt to make the video.


When the other group came back, we got into our original CIP groups and began editing the recorded images made by the people who captured them.

This was the result of the exercise.

We had to show the result to the whole class.


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