Impression: Anatomy of The Magazine

The Anatomy of The Magazine looks at the study of the structure and internal workings of the page and today we had to focused on the cover and layout of the spreads.

The task was to get in pairs and head to the library, pick a cover and spread and discuss between each other about the characteristic of them. Later on the day, we’ll have to redesign a cover for an existing magazine. I was paired with Hannah Philips. Looking for what we needed in the library was all over the place.

The library was split in three floors and what we needed was on the third floor. I found this library set up stupid, I prefer the layout of the library on commercial road. When I found where the journals kept, I picked to talk the cover of LOVE magazine.

The cover is very bright and colourful but it is simple in the sense of that it just bares the title, image and the model’s name. The barcode had tiny info just beside it. It was a name of the photographer and issue name. The colourful texts were embossed, including the tiny details or doodles. The spine had the same effect with emboss. The paper is made with coated paper with a gloss and shine to it.


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