Maps: Harmonia Macrocosmica

I always found maps not interesting. So when I read what the title of task, I thought it’ll be boring. After researching more into this, I realised how maps can be used and how different it can be. The first thing that came in mind about this was an atlas or a road map. Both carry so much information, showing one’s journey and it can be boring. This is how I felt like when learning world map in school. However I didn’t know we can create maps for something as large as the universe, star and space. This got me excited. These contains stories of how and why it was devised and it shows their representation. Even though Maps are designed to gather and recording information but Maps are a product of imagination.

A Dutch-German cartographer Andreas Cellarius has created the Harmonia Macrocosmica in 1661. Harmonia Macrocosmica are series of prints that shows celestial hemispheres that depict constellations. One of the map from this series shows the narrative and each symbols represent a place or location. The graphic elements within the map makes reading it very enjoyable. The piece was engraved on paper and hand painted. When it was first published in 1598, it was to take advantage of the Dutch trading in the East Indies.



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