Artist Showcase: Christopher Wool

In this first artist showcase, I am inspired by the typography project, I have found a typographic artist that I reminded me of the project and the letterpress workshop. Christopher Wool is an American artist working in New York. He has a wide range of style to his work and he creates them using different techniques however he is more known for his typographic works then his other work. These typographic works are large scaled painting of black stencilled type on white canvas. These painting usually carry phrases with the words in abbreviated form and placed in gird format. As it’s placed in gird format, the viewers look at them and it’s very difficult to read what the painting are saying which gives a sense of the whole piece. What I love about typographic work is that it make me think what the painting is saying by work out what the letters spell out. Another thing about is that it’s a very simple painting and he has given much thought of what he wants to say and how he wants to say it.


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