Artist Showcase: Daredevil Title Sequence

If there is anything I love most then it’s TV title sequence. When it comes to TV, I feel like title sequence makes it or breaks it, mostly if it’s a first episode. When I see great title sequence, for some reason it makes me happy inside and if not, inspires me in ideas for some design work.This was the case when I watch Daredevil on Netflix. I very familiar with this show because it’s based on a comic book series and character from Marvel. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because I watched the film of the character and I wasn’t impressed however my mood changed when I saw the title sequence for the show that got me thinking “Ok this is going to be epic, I feel it”. The title sequence was so beautiful and it represented the character so well. I wanted to know who was behind this, after much searching I found out that a man named Patrick Claire was the creative director behind it. There were two designers behind this named Yi-Jen Liu and Paul Kim. All three people form a company called Elastic that make title sequence.

What draws me into this sequence is the fluid falling down and turns itself into objects. If you don’t watch the show, the film, never read the comics or never heard the character itself, then watching title sequence on its own, I’m sure you can make out what the show could be about because they include imagery that features in the storyline heavily.

It features the Brooklyn bridge which means it is set in New York, lady justice statue which means law or the justice system is what the characters are involved in, the skyline of towers which means the characters live somewhere in Manhattan, a church with an angel statue in front means the show deals with Christianity and a man with horns or the devil is the last thing you see which means a particular character has a lot of darkness within. That is what I get from the title sequence if I didn’t watch the show. The colour red has a meaning to it. Red is usually seen as the colour of the superhero’s costume but there is a quote the show is now have as a subtitle or motto for the main character/superhero which goes like ‘A city bleeds, a hero is born” which you could say that the red symbolises the city bleeding from corruption. I think it makes sense why the designers would use all this to show you what the story is.

The making of the title is interesting because I was trying to figure it out how they made it but I didn’t think that they would use CGI to create these sequence. From what I found the designer has used a 3D software called Realflow to make this.

Illustrator Yi-Jen Liu came up with the concept art and just looking at the art work, the detail is very thoughtful and I love how she thought about what story, the characters is about and how it can incorporate in the sequence.


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