Collect analyse & (re)assemble

This is the second project that we got and it is very different from the first. We started the project two weeks before the Easter break. Our task was to have, start or find a collection and reinterpreting it by giving it a new propose. This task was interesting because it allowed us to be think differently about objects, sounds and even people because the idea is to look at things that have a function and what will happen of change it to give a concept behind it.

The brief expects us to present the chosen collection in a form of a book. I thought at first making book was easy because there many ways into making a book however we were told that it doesn’t necessary have to be a book with back and front cover. We began starting the project looking at what an artist book is, as it will give us an idea how we would like to show our work. Library has a collection of artist book and looking at them is impressive. What I took out of looking at library’s collection is that when I present this project, it doesn’t have to be boring. Although the brief said to turn my collection into a book, the book can take many forms.

Once the whole studio got the chance to see the artist books, we all made our back to studio and planned. I ended up brainstorming what I thought would make a good collection and I initially went with the idea off collection of adverts was a good idea because everyone is surrounded by them and although when we’re not paying attention to some when we’re busy, we do subconsciously are taking notes. However I didn’t go with it because seeing other people collection, I was told that if I went with that idea then I’ll really need to think about how I will present it, so I ditched that idea. Even though I’ve brainstormed ideas, I wasn’t sure which to go too. This is when Francesca told me do a collection on my head scarf which I thought was a brilliant idea because there was a function behind it and I could easily reinterpreted it.

On the next week the studio were split in to two groups. The illustrations and graphic design were put into two rooms. The illustrations people were doing life drawing workshop and the graphic design people (including me) were given a mini brief. The mini brief explained that everyone had to get in a group of 6, together we have to pick a film and create a poster based on a collection of stuff found outside and inside of the uni. My group chosen Alice in Wonderland (2010). The group chosen to turn the skeleton in the studio into the red queen and we collected things that we found outside and in our homes. What I learnt from this mini project was that we shouldn’t over think about the collection itself, the collection process should be simple and can be anything like this project. The presentation of the collection can be creative. This project lasted for three days. The tutor we had for this mini brief was Bill. During this time, I had a thought about my collection. The thought was mainly to had with an already existing collection that I have. This thought I had was to either combine or have two separate collection to show at the crit. One was a collection of headscarf and the other was a collection VHS tapes that my dad had whilst I was growing up. I wanted to make this project have a personal touch. After talking to Bill and some time to think, I just decided to stick the headscarf collection because I thought combining it with the VHS would create more work for me, so I ditched that idea.

There was another workshop happened. This workshop was about bookbinding where we looked at four ways to creating a book. Even though we had a book binding workshop earlier in the year, this workshop was a more hands on workshop and learning the different approach of making a book whereas the first workshop of this topic was more listening, watching it and it was just one method of book binding. The techniques that were shown to us were glue bound, elastic bound, tab and slot and the fourth technique I don’t remember the name of. The images below show the tab and slot technique. I thought this workshop was helpful because I showed me there are many ways to create a book then the saddle stitch binding and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Out of all the techniques that were shown, I preferred the slot and tab because I thought it was easy to do, wasn’t complicated and it didn’t require much paper. Just two paper folded twice with once had large cut in the middle of the inside fold and the two cuts at the bottom and top of their other. What I got out of this was an idea to how I would make or bring together the collection.

During the Easter break, I began photographing my collection. My collection was headscarf, I got all the scarfs that I own, which was rounded up to the total of 26 and began photographing it by having me wearing them whilst someone else taking the picture. The idea I had for this collection was to show that there is a function to a headscarf and the different colour and pattern shows that headscarf shows how different it can look on the wearer. Here is the images that was taken. I will apology for the way I look. It looks as though I maybe pissed but I wasn’t, I’m not a photogenic person.

After the photos were taken I’ve noticed how much photos there were and it gave me an idea to create a fanzine. This idea came to me when I counted the images and I noticed that having it in a fanzine layout would be cool way to show a collection and an easy way to view them. The easy way to view it was something I thought about when coming up with a fanzine layout, so my idea was to have all the images all on one page, double sided.

I created a few folding techniques which I pick one and I played with the sizes which can be found in my sketchbook. As I was going through these experimentation, to make this fanzine to work for this collection, I needed to use a large paper for a better viewing of pictures and I need to make all the images to fit in the paper. I decided to use an A3 size paper to make the fanzine so once folded it fits comfortably whilst holding it and when folding it needed to be in a 4 by 4 grid because all the images would fit. Doing this, it leaves 4 squares as blank, these squares will be divided into 2 at the front and 2 at the back once you open the fanzine. This I think gives the fanzine more of a book effect.

This is what final fanzine looks like.

I needed to go InDesign to place to the images in a 4 by 4 grid. To get all the images face the right side up once folded, I had to pick images in certain rows upside down. When I had to print in, I couldn’t print it as one sheet of paper because the print for some reason had an option for it but didn’t print so I had to print out two sheets and glue it down as one.


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