Utterly Moving

It’s a new brief and a final one project for the first year. The brief is called Utterly Moving and it’s all about moving typography. Sara showed the studio two videos of a Bob Dylan song. Both were lyrics videos however the first dates back in the sixties and the second was a more modern take on the song. The brief is asking us to create a moving image piece of 20 seconds minimum of curated footage using sound that we have to create. The sound can’t come a song or any audio work from someone else. Just to avoid copyright issue. This brief, we have to remember to use skills that we leant in the core workshops like storyboarding, dragon frame, letter press, mark making, typography etc.


As it was the first day, we watched a sequence as a starting point, just to get an understanding of what the brief wanted and Matthew will lead a creative workshop to create the content for the moving imagery piece. There are also different workshops going on today to actually help us get start like the photographic workshop to capture the stills and a typographic workshop.

I wasn’t present at the creative writing workshop with Matthew but I’ve caught up on what happen during this workshop. From what I understood was everyone had to watch a scene called Meet Me At Montauk, from the Jim Carrey film, Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind. Everyone had to write their notes that they putted up from this scene and be able to use certain words from the piece and put it in their project. This is a starting point for everyone and from this, everyone have to come up with their own ideas of how they would show it. People had to focus on a particular part of the scene and write how they felt about it. My initial thought was to come up with my own words for this project which I did. The words I thought I planned to use was a short conversion I had with my brother but after I found out that it had to relate to the video shown, I completely ditched that idea and come up with another.

There are was two session of adobe aftereffect workshop that happen. The workshop was mainly to teach us the basics and how to work the program for this project.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.36.25 AM

There was another workshop and it was about typography. This workshop was looking at the hierarchy of typography. We were given a texts that were different sizes and everyone had to place them correctly on a grid frame. The placement can be up to us but it needs to show clearly where the title, subtitle and body of text were on the grid. These were some of the placements I thought were really interesting to look at. I thought the placement reminded of what magazine layout would look like and I actually liked that because I thought it was easy to read which text were what. What I got out of this was, planning text placement is hard and takes it time mostly if you’re creating  something for paper then screen. I honestly thought that doing this would help me when doing something based on paper like fanzines or layout of some kind because I actually makes me think more easily whereas doing it on screen would be difficult because both show different results.

On Thursday 28th, there were two things happening. We were given a mini brief called Kinetic Typography. This mini project was similar to the animation workshop where were had to stay in a group of 5 and turn a 5 letter word and animate it to life.


We saw an example of what the brief meant, after we began working in our group. In my group,we chosen the word fight and began animating it in 3D by making the letters out of porcelain.

The second thing that was taking place was tutorial. This was happening whilst we were working. I talked to Emily about the concern I had. The concerned I had was about the words. I had ideas of how I would show it but the words were something I didn’t haven and because I had a week, I was worried about the time. Out of the tutorial I decided that I’ll take few of the quotes from that particular scene and rearrange it to make it seem like it was a conversion between two people.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.16.15 PM.png

These are the words I decided to stick with. I stuck with this because I need something that had to relate to the video and I really like what was said so I took out phrases and rearranged it two make it seemed like a poem. My idea was to have the each sentence appear as two people talking by turning to each response a different colour.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.57.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.57.16 PM


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