Riso Printing and Publication.


I thought we were starting a new project today but found out on the day that it was a workshop. The workshop was to use the Riso printer. Today we were given a one day mini brief that was create an end of year publication that would be showed at the end of year show. The tutors were Kirstin Helgadottir and Emily Evans who were running this workshop. Kristin presented a short introduction of what we meant to do today.

People in the studio had to bring in work that they did from the year and their laptops that had InDesign. Everyone needed to be in four groups of ten people and each had a computer to them. We were split into four groups of ten people with a computer each.

Once in a group, we had to nominate editors, art workers, cover creator and indesign team, so that things can be organised and it runs things smoother. It was a busy day as everyone were sorting out work they would scan in to put in the publication.


We got to produce 3 folded A3 pages and 1 A4.The covers titles and pictures for the projects had to be made by people in the group.


In the afternoon we to present the work each group have made. The group had to present it to other groups and the tutors , getting feedback from everyone. The point was to get the best publication made and after this presenting the Kristen and Emily said there wasn’t a overall best publication but there were a lot of section from each group that stood out, so they decided to take the best ones and put them together.


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