The Soundtrack Of Lives

Music is everywhere and music is powerful. Music is something everyone can’t escape from. From the small music performance in the train stations to the muffling from earphones. This brief is called The Soundtrack of our Lives and it asks to create a series of three posters that communicates my feelings towards three songs that I pick. These three songs can be any song of from one artist or three different artist or from one album or three different albums but what these poster can’t be is to advertise the song or artist, just the feeling it provokes. The point of the brief is about my relationship towards music and make people award what feelings it evokes in me.

After receiving the brief, I began doing some research for the project. I’ve looked at illustrators and designers based their work on music. Some of the names were on the brief so I began looking into them and a few names I know from before. Out of the research, there were two people that I actually loved looking at the work. Daniel Johnston and Takashi Murakami are the two that I thought had very interesting works because one of them isn’t a training illustrator and doesn’t have any back in art or design and the other is skilled in the digital side, so I saw myself in both of them. I’m can’t draw for the life of them but I make up for it by digital side which can be a good or bad depending on how I approach the project.

The three songs I’ve chosen are Night of The Hunters by 30 Seconds to Mar (Alt Rock), Jealous by Labrinth (Pop) and Save My Soul by Jojo (RnB/Pop). I have chosen these three songs because I felt that these songs carry a same theme, Struggle, which I thought was interesting to play around the concept with. Listening and reading the lyrics, I thought that the word play was interesting to include in the poster because I can’t draw, communicating these songs would be hard for me to showcase, so words are better because I always thought words can spark imagination and those can be very different for different people.

I decided to brainstorm and note down what ideas came to mind whilst listening to the music. Out of it, I decided to

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.45.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-18 at 5.17.04 PM



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