100 Brief In 0ne Day

I have to say that I actually enjoy today, even though everyone spend the day sitting down in the studio to the surprised of the mine and I’m sure to sara and some of us that the whole studio was to fill up which has never the case at out. I think it’s because everyone is in small groups that we hardly get to see and everyone comes late in the mourning. Sara has given us our first mini brief and it’s called “100 things keep me up at night” and sara introduced it to use, I was so confused because she called it as 100 brief in one day. I thought to myself ‘holy crap’ I wouldn’t be able to complete that today. Adding the brief and getting a further explanation from sara, I wasn’t sure I wanted to start because my drawing skills was laking even though me and everyone else went to a couple of drawing workshops.

Drawing idea that comes in mind from 100 statements and comes question in under 2 mins for each of them. For some statement or more like a few, I didn’t attempt it because I had no idea what the statement statement meant so just avoided it until later on the day when I looked over it. I just happened to left my sketchbook behind when I got to uni so my first thought was to go home and get it because I live in the area but ended up using sheets of paper. Before starting everyone had to split their pages to fit as image ideas in the pages. A3 pages needed to have 6 boxes and A4  needed to have 4 boxes I think. Because I using sheets of paper I was able to fold the paper into four boxes easily and I knew I wouldn’t have enough pages in my sketchbook to do this brief, me using sheet of paper is good  but I ended up using a lot of paper so I don’t know I’m going to fit in paper so I don’t know I’m going to fit in my sketchbook which was a foolish thing in my part for leaving my sketchbook.

My overall experience was great . I totally enjoyed the day and the brief. Usually siting in one place for so long with mini breaks would annoy me but actually enjoyed this because it got me to quickly get my ideas down. What surprised me about this that when coming up with ideas in a short amount of time it would take me a while to get any idea down, so having to get 100 ideas down, I’m really pleased that I have managed to do it out of it, I surprised myself.


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