Critical Design Thinking

It is the first day back from the winter break and is the last ever core rotation. This rotation is critical Design Thinking. Critical design thinking is all about questions. Asking why design is important and what makes a good design. Questions like how does ideas become visuals? And what makes a good design AMD who decides? Who can make design? Which kinds of communication is information and which is properganda? Theses questions can be interpret in different ways because of experience that defined the designer, its important that these questions are raised in making design work. These are the base on critical design.
Meta physics, logic, Politics, Ethics.
Design is power, how are you going to use your power?


Sister Corita,graphic thought facility, KK outlet

How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul and scratching the surface by Adrian shaughnessy.

The designed world: images, objects, environment s by Richard Buchanan

Core rotation preparation
Bring in everything including testings etc.
Select final images from each rotation and print it out in A3.


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