The Art of Brick Lane

I live near Brick Lane, East London and I do love going into the area just to get inspired by the street art. As I’m a first year student in Graphic Design, we are always told to go out there and take in the environment that surrounds us. I’m actually really glad that my university and where I live are actually close to or even seen as neighbours to Brick Lane because it’s one part of London that is constantly changing in terms of the art scene.

Over the years, Brick Lane has seen a lot different people come and go but I feel like it’s just recently that Brick Lane has greeted a new trend and culture for the residents to embrace.

I’m talking about the Hipster subculture that lives in the area. I have to say that I don’t know much about Hipster besides seeing quite a few of people that have similar fashion sense and guys with beards. However I did hear that people aren’t particularly fond of them, well I don’t know if I heard it correctly but it’s just what I hear from some people when they talk about them in general. I’m not sure if anybody have notice this about Brick Lane, I personally thought considering that Shoreditch is close to the area, you can see a noticeable split of Brick Lane. One half of Brick Lane is the Bengali community that called Brick Lane home since the 60’s and the Hipster subculture that starts off the back end of Brick Lane and goes into Shoreditch.

There really isn’t a blend of the two community. I’m surely going to ask both sides and hear the opinions they next time I go back. My theory is that the Bengali residents aren’t too sure what to make with the Hipster culture. Hipsters are very different, you can say polar opposite to the Bengali culture. What I mean is that during the 60’s when the Bengali’s arrived and made Brick Lane as their home, I’m sure Bengali’s were seen as very different compare to the resident who lived in the area at the time because of dress sense, the language and how they approached life and the lifestyle. What makes Hipsters any different is that much Bengali residents if not the older generation and the ones that run the curry houses are very Conservative and very much in tuned with faith where as Hipsters are unique and represent who they are and believe what they want.

The point I was trying to make in this post is that I want to bring a light to the ever changing art that happen in Brick Lane and that’s what I love about it. I’m sure everyone is aware of Brick Lane and the art that the area carry with it but to me it’s that one place that I could go time after time and still found something different.

I’ve taken picture of the art that I can find in the Brick Lane from two points of 2015. Around March and I think October that I took all of them for two different projects that I’ve done but even then I’m surprised how quick the art changed.


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